Topic: An in-depth Guide to Write Literature Review for a Dissertation

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A literature review is a detailed review of the academic sources on a particular topic. These sources can be books, journal articles, and theses. A literature review generally gives an idea of the key findings and research on a given topic. To ask expert writers to write my essay with regards to Literature Review for a Dissertation is a great option.

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 Do not think it is all about summarizing sources, it also aims to:

  •         Critically analyze the sources
  •         Summarize the information and identify themes
  •         Identify the gaps in research and how your study will fulfill that gap

There is paper writing service that offers essays and samples as a guide. You can also get a free literature review sample to get started. This will assure you do not make any major blunders in your review.

Stage 1: Pre-Writing

Before starting the literature review, always have a topic in hand. Everything will be based on that. If you are doing it for the sake of the dissertation, you must have the research problem at hand.

For instance, a simple research question can be, how customer loyalty can reduce the customer churn rate?

Now, based on this question you will gather all the sources of information. Identify the keywords you will be using to gather sources. Explore the following databases:

  •         Google Scholar.
  •         JSTOR.
  •         Project Muse.
  •         EBSCO.
  •         Your university’s library.
  •         EconLit.

Once you find a valuable source examine the reference section to gather more sources. Better to gather peer-reviewed articles and sources and the ones which are popular.

The next step is to take notes while reading all these sources and asking several questions. These can be, what is the problem under study? What are key concepts, or theories? What are the results? How is the publication related to other literature? What about strengths and weaknesses etc. Also, look for the gaps and try to make connections. Alongside notes taking, keep citing the sources to have a bibliography at the end.

Stage 2: Organizing Literature Review

Before you begin writing, plan. Have an idea of what will be your strategy in presenting the literature. There are many ways an essay writer can organize your literature review such as thematic, chronological, or methodological.

  • The Chronological approach explores the development of the topic over time. This also explores the debates or key events that have changed the topic over time.
  • Thematic review organizes the topic according to the different aspects as explored in the sources.
  • The theoretical review discusses various theories or concepts related to the topic.
  • The methodological approach organizes the research based on a mixture of research methods to compare the key conclusions.

Stage 3: Writing Literature Review


The first section of the literature review introduces the topic and highlights the purpose. Also, justify the reasons for using a specific type of literature review.


The body can be divided into different sections based on the length of the literature review. Subheadings are also recommended for a new theme or time period.

All the information shared in this section must be analyzed and interpreted highlighting the key significance of important findings with respect to your topic. Avoid rephrasing from the source.

Also, evaluate each source, identifying its strengths and weaknesses. Also. Use transition words to keep the paragraphs connected.


The last section is always the conclusion where you summarize the entire literature and focus on its significance. Also, summarize the implication of literature linking it to the key research question you are addressing. However, you can also pay for essay to get Written Literature Review for a Dissertation.

Well, the last tip for your literature review is don’t forget to proofread comprehensively before submitting or adding in the dissertation. Use spell and grammar checkers, also ask some experts to review your literature review! Good luck!


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