Here’s What Your Teachers Want From Your Essay

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Most of the essays that you write in your school and college education are graded by your teacher or instructor. These essay assignments account for a good part of your grade. The instructors or teachers look for the following things in your essay writing service:

  1. How well have you developed your argument?
  2. Has the student approached the subject critically and has s/he widened his/her research?
  3. Has the prompt been answered fully?
  4. Whether the essay has been written with a proper structure and a plan?
  5. Has the student followed the advice and feedback from the instructor him/herself?



Argument development

Many students make the mistake of reiterating what has been said about the topic, where they state the theories and ideas from various sources and end the conversation there. Instead, the students should try to form their own opinion about the subject and evaluate the theories, challenge, and question them to reach new and interesting conclusions.

It is important that you give a preview of how your argument is going to pan out in the introduction. The structure of the write essay for me should guide your argument according to a set plan, without straying away from the topic at any point. Having a structure will also help you concentrate on improving your logic in your arguments and making the writing coherent.

One of the most important parts of your argument development is where you provide evidence and examples to support your arguments and ideas. At times you have to shape your argument in accordance with the evidence you have rather than abandoning a piece of authoritative evidence for a weaker one.


When you read into the subject, try to stick to the scholarly sources. These sources are written by experts in their fields and are rigorously reviewed by fellow experts before being published in academic journals and papers. 

It is a good strategy to start your research from databases and online libraries that you are accustomed to and are used to. This will help you give the headstart that you need for your research. But you shouldn’t stop there, try to expand your research on the subject, and delve into other databases once you exhaust the primary ones. 

It is important to read the content of the research papers actively and question it rather than passively reading it. 

Answering the question

The write my essay  prompt should be understood fully before heading on to the essay. Looking for certain parts such as the prompt words, the subject matter, the context, and the requirements will help you in the process.

Make sure that your content is always directed towards answering the question in the prompt or its parts. Make sure that you provide proper references and citations with the information that you borrow from other sources.

Revisit the prompt if you are confused about the connection between the content and the prompt. It is to make sure that you don’t stray away from the main question.

Following a plan 

It is visible in the writing whether you have planned your essay or not. A well-planned essay will have a proper structure and unity in the writing. It is useful for the writer to write heading and subheading in your essay drafts so that you will know which part of the essay targets which part of the question. You can remove the headings in the final edit.

Take help from others and your instructors

By scheduling your writing and keeping to its timeline you make sure that you finish the write my essay for me on time. This will give you enough time to send the essay to your peers for an outside review and also allow you to discuss it with your teacher/instructor. 

Their advice and corrections will help you perfect your essay in its content, argumentation, delivery.

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