Where Will I Find Love: Keys to a Successful Online Dating

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The question “where will I find love?” has probably crossed your mind at some point in your life.  Many go through a series of “relationships” without finding a soulmate or even having a taste of that oh-so-precious emotion called love.  If you’ve been searching for the keys to a successful online relationship that will blossom into love, then search no more: Loveawake dating site published those keys on their blog. Here they are:

Where Will I Find Love: Understanding “Your Self”

The first thing you should understand is love itself – and its enemy.  Hate is not the opposite of love – fear is.  Where there is fear, love cannot exist in any form – despite what the Stockholm Syndrome tells you!  Love is exclusive of fear; both cannot exist in the same relationship.  If you think you’re in love, but are constantly telling yourself that you’re too old or that you better catch this one before it gets away, then that is not love.  Finding a soulmate is firstly about loving yourself – or your self – before you can love another.

Trust The One You Love

Trust is very important to the process of finding a soulmate.  If you’re dating someone and you’ve hit it off famously and the relationship is going wonderfully, then you need to pack up your radar system and put it on the shelf for a while.  Every flirtatious hussy (or stud, as the case may be) that makes a play for your potential soulmate needn’t send you into a frenzy of doubt and despair. Trust the one you love and trust yourself; it’s vital to the future of your relationship with this person.

Respect The One You Love

Respecting your partner’s privacy is closely related to trust.  Being overly-dependent on them may make them feel that they are a crutch in your life; don’t let that happen!  Know the boundaries and proprieties of the relationship and respect them.

Be Honest

Learn to express yourself freely.  The Law of Attraction for Love requires that you be honest with yourself as well as your potential soulmate.  This doesn’t mean that you bare your soul at every opportunity you get; it means that you don’t hide your feelings when you really need to express them.  Trust issues aside, let them know when you feel threatened in the presence of a potential girlfriend or boyfriend – or even an ex.  Yes, you will be exposing yourself to hurt, but that’s part of being in a solid relationship.  Hiding from it is only going to alienate you.

Communicate Your Needs

Being honest is different from being forthright about your needs, even if only subtly so.  Letting your potential soulmate know about what’s important to you will show them that you too are an individual with unique needs and wants. You want to be yourself even when you’re in a relationship, so communication is important.

Finally, before you get into a relationship, make sure that the person has the qualities that you want in your soulmate.  The Law of Attraction for Love won’t work if you go against your own desires, so make sure that they at least have a few of the qualities you’re looking for – the rest can be discovered at leisure!

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